Endless Pools

Fitness Systems E2000 E2000

Maximum Features for the Ultimate Experience It's for those seeking better wellness – fitness, work-life-balance, enriched personal connections. It's a path to find some joy in your physical, mental, and emotional states. That's what we had in mind when we designed the E2000 swim spa. We combined our exclusive resistance current with luxurious jetted massage seats and wrapped it in one beautiful, low-maintenance package. Swim, run, or exercise in temperate 85-degree water in the front, then unwind at 104 degrees inside the spa area at the back. The E2000 gives you complete control, without sacrifice. Overall Dimensions 20' L x 58" H x 89" W Swim Area Dimensions 15' L x 58" H x 89" W Spa Area Dimensions 5' L x 58" H x 89" W

Fitness Systems E700 E700

17' SWIM SPA WITH OUR WORLD-CLASS CURRENT Ready to Make Waves? The E700 lets you go big. The E700 offers plenty of space for fitness, uninterrupted swimming, and total-body relaxation. Our Endless Pools resistance current delivers a smooth flow and all-level adjustability like no other. You’ll have the versatility to train, recover, improve, and just feel great. Like the other premium models in our E-series, the E700 blends modern design with innovative features. Choose our exclusive Underwater Treadmill option for low-impact workouts that are both fun and challenging. The E700’s increased floor area gives you even more room to entertain and exercise. Overall Dimensions 17' L x 58" H x 89" W

Fitness Systems E550 E550

15' X 94” SWIM SPA WITH SIGNATURE RESISTANCE CURRENT Welcome to the VIP Lane When ordinary doesn’t cut it, the E550 provides the ultimate aquatic fitness and swim experience. In the spirit of less is more, the E550 is unique for what it’s missing. With standing spa zones (instead of spa seating), relocated filtration and steps, and an expanded width of 94 inches, the E550 maximizes the active area. This gives you extra room for practicing the most dynamic aquatic exercises and to stretch out your swim stroke. And when your workout is done, you can enjoy the unique standing hydromassage jets for muscle rejuvenation. With the E550, nothing gets in the way of your progress. Overall Dimensions 15' L x 58" H x 94" W

Fitness Systems E500 E500

15' SWIM SPA WITH OUR WORLD-CLASS CURRENT Spa Luxury + Our Most Versatile Current Ready to feel fully revitalized? With the E500 swim spa, you can swim, run, workout, and relax in one place—all within the privacy of home. This versatile swim spa offers a go-to destination for active family fun. It's one life-changing investment that you and loved ones will be thankful for. Like all E-series models, this 15' swim spa combines beautifully functional design with the power of the Endless Pools resistance current. Add our exclusive Underwater Treadmill to walk or run in water's low-impact environment. After, you can sink into the E500’s hydromassage seats for total-body relaxation. It's the perfect way to wake up, stay energized, or wind down for all-day good vibes. Overall Dimensions 15' L x 58" H x 89" W

Exercise Systems X2000 X2000

OUR X-TRAORDINARY DUAL-TEMPERATURE SWIM SPA Fitness in the Front, Recovery at the Back Invigorate yourself in warm water. Then pamper yourself with hot-tub luxury. There's no compromise and no waiting with this 20' swim spa. The spacious 15' activity area lets you swim, work out, and play, while the spa area offers hydromassage seating for recovery and relaxation. It's the total package for your family's wellness and leisure time. The X2000 adjusts for most every swimming and fitness level thanks to our exclusive SwimCross current: our airless jets provide variable resistance while keeping you lifted and supported. We designed the current especially for families like yours that prioritize wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. So suit up, dip in, and get energized! Overall Dimensions 20' L x 58" H x 89" W Swim Area Dimensions 15' L x 58" H x 89" W Spa Area Dimensions 5' L x 38" H x 89" W

Exercise Systems X500 X500

15' SWIM SPA WITH OUR BEST JETTED EXPERIENCE Total-Body Fitness & Fun More together time. More wellness time. More 'you' time. Your SwimCross® X500 swim spa actively dedicates your space to your most vital priorities. With its modern styling and build-to-last durability, you'll love its benefits to your lifestyle and your home for years to come. The X500 current is generated by 4 custom-engineered airless jets with highly variable speed and minimal turbulence. You can swim, add resistance to any aquatic exercise, or create a wave that kids love for active play. When it’s time to relax, the X500 provides three distinct hydromassage seats. You'll have soothing aquatic therapy at home and on demand. Overall Dimensions 15' L x 50" H x 89" W

Recreation Systems R500 R500

OUR MOST AFFORDABLE 15' SWIM SPA More Room for Family Fun We believe fun should be active! Something that gets your blood pumping, invigorates your spirit, and puts a smile on your face. That's why we created the RecSport® R500 jetted swim spa. Your family can enjoy gentle and effective exercise, soothing hydromassage jets, and active quality time together—at a surprisingly approachable price point. Three airless swim jets provide ideal resistance for workouts and tethered swimming. When you reach your limit, five ergonomic spa seats with 27 hydromassage jets are waiting to help you unwind. The R500 gets your family moving together for fitness, relaxation, and priceless memories. Overall Dimensions 15' L x 50" H x 89" W

Recreation Systems R220 R220

OUR 12’ SWIM SPA IS BUILT FOR FUN! The Ultimate Party Pool The R220 swim spa is sure to become the go-to party spot for friends and family. This budget-friendly, 12’ swim spa seats nine, with two long benches along the sides and five molded seats in the back, plus 31 thoughtfully placed hydromassage jets to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. Add optional LED lighting and our Bluetooth® music system to create your dream space for entertaining, fun, and relaxation. When the party’s over, the versatile R220 provides plenty of options for low-impact aquatic exercise, with three airless swim jets to provide resistance and power up your workout. Keep your routine fresh by adding exercise accessories like our Swim Tether, Aquatic Bike, or Resistance Bands. With the R220 from Endless Pools, fun, fitness, and relaxation are available always, in your own backyard! Overall Dimensions 12' L x 50" H x 89" W

Recreation Systems R200 R200

OUR 12’ SWIM SPA, PRICED WITHIN REACH Outstanding Spa Value No matter the time of day, we have you covered: Family time. 'Me' time. Relaxation time. Go time. The RecSport® R200 swim spa provides the any-time opportunity to sink into total mind-body wellness, right at home. As our most affordable swim spa, it puts the power of water within reach. Inside our R200, you can enjoy low-impact aquatic exercise, family fun, and swimming with our optional tether. Then you can sit back and relax with five ergonomic spa seats with 27 hydromassage jets. When it's time to party, invite your friends, because this swim spa comfortably fits up to 10 adults. Whatever your mood, the R200 from Endless Pools is your new at-home destination. Overall Dimensions 12' L x 50" H x 89" W

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I have been shopping at Hot Springs Hot Tubs in Albuquerque for almost five years and they have provided me the best service. They are extremely helpful and always have the supplies that I need to keep my spa running at an optimal level. Thanks for your great service!!!

In a word: Fantastic! I purchased a salt water 220 Prodigy spa from Chris. Highly knowledgeable and made the purchase easy, Chris set me up with everything I needed to get started and ensured I knew how to operate and maintain the system.

It's nice to work with knowledgeable people who stand behind their products and work. I only wish I purchased from Chris and his team ten years ago. Chris is on the level