“People over the age of 50 need to pay attention to strategies that promote active lives,” said Tom Gervais of Hot Spring Spas. Healthy Aging Month is the perfect time to look for information on ways to improve senior health.”

Here are three ways seniors can live healthier, longer lives:

Spend Time in Hot Water – Add a hot tub to the yard or on a patio for an easy “pick-me-up.” Temperature controlled water provides soothing relief for aches and pains, while offering powerful massaging jets to reduce stress and loosen tight muscles and joints. The weightless atmosphere of water also allows seniors to move about, exercise and relax without stress on joints or tendons.

Forget About “Acting Your Age” – Youngsters are often told to “grow up” or “act your age.” While maturity is important, learning how to be carefree and young at heart can go a long way toward maintaining emotional and mental health into the senior years. Meditate on how it feels to be young, powerful and strong and become the ageless person you want to be.

Stay Positive – A positive attitude influences both mental and physical health. In fact, people with an optimistic view of the world tend to live longer, happier lives. A positive attitude can also influence the body’s ability to heal. Look for fun people to spend time with and seek out happiness at community functions, local senior centers and college.

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